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You no longer have to accept going bald, or having thinning hair, whether you are a man or a woman. Millions of men and women are affected by male or female-pattern baldness worldwide. Those affected are either not aware of available treatments or are embarrassed due to outdated stereotypes associated with traditional hair transplant techniques. For example, large scarring or having hair that looks like “plugs” was the norm several years back. Now there’s a hair loss treatment available that can restore your natural hair growth with no linear scar and practically no downtime.
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As a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, with over 12 years of experience Dr. Linville is highly attuned to aesthetics, self-confidence, and the image we present to the outside world. For many patients, colleagues, and friends, hair loss is at the top of the list of concerns. Because of this, Dr. Linville added the Neograft procedure to his practice. He chose these procedures over the other options available because they’re the most advanced and most effective techniques in the industry today with the best results for his patients, friends, and family members.
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