How Many Hair Grafts Will I Need?

Many enjoying his hair grafts in the mirror.

If you’re considering having a hair transplant in Houston, then you probably have a lot of questions about the process. One of the most common questions revolves around the number of hair grafts required to restore your hair to its former glory. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to give a precise number, as your doctor carefully …

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Does Your Hair Texture Change After Transplants?

Does hair texture change after transplants.

If you’re considering having a hair transplant in Houston, then you probably have a lot of questions regarding hair growth and the timeline for results. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to get the information you need to make the right decision for you. Let’s start by addressing hair regrowth. Many patients wonder if the texture of …

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The Importance of Brushing Your Hair

Importance of brushing your hair.

Have you considered the importance of brushing your hair? Brushing your hair is an important part of your daily hygiene routine. While we tend to only think of the aesthetic purposes of brushing, brushing also helps to maintain the health of your scalp and hair follicles. Unfortunately, different hair types require different tools and techniques …

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Keeping Hair Healthy After a Transplant

Keeping hair healthy after a transplant.

Hair transplants have gone through extensive changes over the last twenty years. New techniques and the improved technology of Neograft mean that you no longer have to worry about hair plugs, unnatural hairlines, or visible scarring. But keeping your hair healthy after a transplant will prove essential. These major changes to the procedure have made …

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Can You Predict Going Bald?

Can you predict going bald?

If baldness runs in your family, you’ve probably caught yourself checking your hairline more often than your peers. So can you predict going bald? Fortunately, it turns out that your maternal grandfather’s hairline doesn’t have to be yours. But that old wives’ tale does have a tiny nugget of truth. Several health conditions can be …

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