Are You Losing Hair From Stress?

Woman who is maybe losing hair from stress.

Stress has a number of negative effects on the body, and hair loss is sometimes one of them. The good news is that this hair loss doesn’t have to be permanent. By identifying the cause, treating the associated conditions, and giving your hair the care it needs, you can stop and even reverse your hair …

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Can You Predict Going Bald?

Can you predict going bald?

If baldness runs in your family, you’ve probably caught yourself checking your hairline more often than your peers. So can you predict going bald? Fortunately, it turns out that your maternal grandfather’s hairline doesn’t have to be yours. But that old wives’ tale does have a tiny nugget of truth. Several health conditions can be …

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Can Diabetes Cause Hair Loss?

Young unshaven man looking at mirror in bathroom at home. Handsome guy looking at his face in mirror, checking hair and hairline. Man in pijamas concerned with hair loss.

Regardless of age and gender, hair loss is a painful reality for millions of people. It challenges lifelong conceptions of self-identity and forces them to physically face an altered vision of themselves daily. For people with diabetes, hair loss can feel like the proverbial stick that broke the camel’s back. But does diabetes cause hair …

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What Could Cause Sudden Hair Loss in Women?

Attractive Asian woman serious about her brush for presentation hair loss problem and looking at comb

Hair loss is nothing to laugh at, especially if you’re a woman. That isn’t to say that hair loss isn’t traumatic for men, only that we are socially conditioned to tolerate male baldness to a greater degree than female baldness. For both men and women, hair loss can be uncomfortable, embarrassing, and sudden. However, given the lack …

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