What Your Hair Style Says About You

The art of face reading has a 3,000-year history in China. Face reading traditionally uses facial characteristics, hair types, and stylistic choices to better understand the natural and chosen aspects of our personalities. For a lot of people in the western world, it can be difficult to mesh this type of traditional teaching with modern, rational thought. However, we can all agree that the way we choose to cut and style our hair does say a lot about us.

What Your Hair Style Says About You?

Let’s take a quick look at what common hairstyling choices could say about you once you’ve had your hair restoration in Houston.

Curling Straight Hair

Curly hair is traditionally associated with fun-loving people. If you’re spending the time and effort to curl your straight hair, then there’s a good chance that you want to be perceived in that way. If you also dye your hair red, then you’re probably someone who wants a little more adventure in their lives, and you’re advertising that to the people around you.

Straightening Curly Hair

Unfortunately, curly hair can also be difficult to control. That is why people who regularly straighten their curly hair tend to be the types of people who want more control over their daily life. Your life may just feel and little chaotic right now, or you may prefer a sleeker look. Either way, straightening your hair is an easy way to take the reins and take control of one aspect of your life.

Wash-N-Go Styles

For those of you who would rather not spend an hour on your hair every day, you will always have the classic wash-n-go styles. From short to long, all wash-n-go styles say something similar about the person rocking them. They have better things to do than worry about their hair. People who prefer these styles tend to be highly rational and avoid spending their precious time on what they view as nonessential things.

Shaven Head

According to Chinese face reading, a shaven head is actually a sign of a deeply romantic individual. It symbolizes an open heart that is ready to love people for who they are. Those who shave their heads or allow themselves to go bald naturally are often well-liked for their bold choices and kind-hearted personalities.

Unconventional Cuts

People who choose unconventional haircuts want to stand out. They’re typically fun-loving people who don’t want to be bothered with fitting in. If you want your hairstyle to express your quirks, then an unconventional cut could be the way to go. After all, why would you be typical and boring if what you really crave is a jaw-dropping look?

Sleek Styles

Sleek styles exude elegance and professionalism, and there are so many adaptations to choose from. Whether you prefer a tight-laced ballerina bun or a sleek ponytail with an exuberance of natural curls at the back, there is something for everyone. Altogether, these hairstyles give off a no-nonsense vibe that is empowering as well as attractive.

Hair as Art

Regardless of your decision, every hairstyle you could possibly choose has something good to say about you. Hair is just another form of self-expression to use as you will. Of course, if you’re balding, you might feel more limited in your choices. If the shaven head just doesn’t suit your style, then look into receiving a hair loss treatment in Houston.

Depending on the stage and cause of your hair loss, the experts at Hair Specialists Houston will help you to find the right hair loss treatment for your case. By starting the process early, you can avoid years of lost self-esteem and just move on with the confidence to style your hair in the way that best reflects you.